News / Art related dates

Here you can find a preview of the dates for the next scheduled exhibitions where you will have the chance to see my newest works. You can always meet me personally at the openings. I’m very much looking forward to showing you around on one of the next coming up exhibitions.




Kunstpunkte 2023 Numberpoint 125

Birkenstr. 65  Gabriele Weide and
the invited artist:   Nina Reiter (fotos)



21. Kunst im Carrée - Köln

Faszination Baum!


The culture event in autum in Köln Sülz-Klettenberg

60 places to excibite in shops and Institutions. The colone "Veedel" presents artists from colone and towns near by.


Date:                         shops open on Sunday 22.10.2023
                                         Time: 13.00 - 18.00 o'clock
during working days come to the shops to the normal opening times


the event:                           22.10.23 til 5.11.23

virtuelle Gallery:           



Oktober        Gastkünstler im Duisburger Kunstverein e.V.


November    VERWICKLUNGEN Kamp Lintfort


Dezember    Winterkunst BBK Düsseldorf


Dezember   GANZ FREI  im Duisburger Kunstverein e.V.